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location royal mansour in marrakesh

Chapter 1


royal mansour marrakesh services and facilities

Chapter 2

Assistance and Equipment

royal mansour reviews

Chapter 3


Chapter 1:

Location of Royal Mansour in Marrakesh

What’s the first thing come to mind before applying for a Luxurious Hotel.


Exactly. Let’s provide you with every info you need to know about that!

location royal mansour in marrakesh
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Royal Mansour Marrakech

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The Royal Mansour can be counted amongst the few establishments in the world that defy hotel excellence.

Just a few steps away from the famous Jemaa El Fna square beats the heart of the Marrakesh Palace,.

Offering travellers the unique concept of a medina within a medina.

Each area has been designed to intuitively take guests on a sensory journey.

Superbly located in Hivernage on the jap area of the medina between the ancient centre and the Ville Nouvelle (new town).

So discrete are its lushly planted walled gardens that it is genuinely invisible till you pass by the protection cordon and enter the triumphal entrance arch, which is modelled on Marrakech’s signature town gates.

A five-minute taxi experience will credit you in the Djemaa el Fna or at close by eating places and stores in the new town. Be positive to e book a pick-up from the airport, and you will be whisked thru customs by a one of a kind specific lane and ferried to the lodge in a luxurious Bentley.

 The Royal Mansour Marrakech covers 5 hectares and has 3 restaurants, 3 bars, gardens, a pool and a kids’ club. Divided over 3 floors, the Spa of 2500 sqm offers an infinite range of exceptional treatments.

Set on landscaped grounds, this opulent luxurious lodge is 14 minutes’ stroll from Jemaa el-Fnaa, a energetic rectangular in Marrakesh’s Medina (old city), and 5 km from Marrakesh Menara Airport.

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A few steps from Jemaâ El Fna Place, the Royal Mansour Marrakech is set inside the partitions of Marrakesh historical city.

The resort used to be born out of a imaginative and prescient to create a remarkable masterpiece exceeding the needs of latest discerning traveler, whilst reflecting the authentic essence of Moroccan tradition.

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Chapter 2:

Assistance and Equipment of Royal Mansour

What’s the first thing come to mind before applying for a Luxurious Hotel.


Exactly. Let’s provide you with every info you need to know about that!

Assitance & Equipment 

As you would expect in a Marrakech hotel that tends to a king’s family and friends, service here is impeccable and comes with an extra dose of that wonderful Moroccan gentility.

No less than 550 staff members – all the best in the business – tend to your every need with charming and dedicated professionalism.


You can live, eat, swim and sleep in the privacy of your villa (waited on by an army of attendants who would navigate the gardens through a warren of underground tunnels so as not to disturb the peace).

But that seems a shame when you have the run of the beautifully landscaped gardens, a vast outdoor pool, a Michelin-starred garden restaurant.

Popular Equipments


Facilities for disabled guests

Fitness centre

Spa and wellness centre

2 Swimming Pools


The physical grounds, common spaces, amenities, staff, dining accommodations all Exceeding The expectations. Cultured and international property. The staff is generally very well trained and accommodating. Particularly noteworthy are the Moroccan restaurant and the spa! 

royal mansour spa

Royal Mansour Spa treatments:
more and more sensations

The Experience Is Just Amazing.
The treatments carried out in the ten spa rooms take the well-being experience that extra mile further.
Intense hydration, exceptional massages, subtle beauty touches, make-up and hair removal will take you closer to your beauty goals.

Here Are The Reviews

Are any cleaning services offered at Royal Mansour in Marrakech?

Yes, dry cleaning and laundry service are offered to guests.

Does Royal Mansour Marrakech offer any business services

Yes, it conveniently offers a business center, meeting rooms, and a banquet room.

The service from airport till hotel is well organized, The service as visitors described it to be’ impeccable ‘. 

Chapter 3:

Foodstuff of Royal Mansour in Marrakech

The Best Thing about Luxurious Hotels.

They Have really Good Food!

This Chapter will be just too delicious for you not to skip!

Let’s Go Eat!

location royal mansour in marrakesh



Regardless of whether or not it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, eating right here is fantastic. Arrive for breakfast in the outside patio and you will be warmly greeted, seated and unexpectedly served with piping warm tea or coffee, a tiered silver cake stand stacked with the fluffiest French pastries and cake, and a bowl of the sweetest oranges, and it really is earlier than you have even glanced at the à la carte options.

For the relaxation of the day, you can pick out from three restaurants, the French-influenced La Table, the famous, gastronomic Moroccan restaurant (evenings only), and Yannick Alléno’s appropriate outside restaurant.

royal mansour food

Le Jardin. The latter may additionally simply be the fine restaurant in Marrakech, serving up subtle Silk Road-inspired plates of slow-cooked brochettes, sea bream from Agadir with Kombu, and tiger prawns with spicy honey.

In summer, there is a DJ three instances a week, in any other case retire to the Chimney Lounge or Cigar Bar to sip XO Cognac and puff clouds of blue-grey smoke from Montecristo cigars.

A best eating restaurant in Marrakech, elegant and laid-back terrace, the perfect spot to style food at any time that takes your fancy?
royal mansour
The Royal Mansour has an reply to your each desire. On both facet of the iconic blue patio and gardens, the Royal Mansour Marrakech eating places promise an unforgettable sensory experience, orchestrated by using the innovative chef Yannick Alléno.
Food, luxurious and gourmet-lovers searching for some thing special have however to select the putting in which the ride shall begin.

Feel Free To Check The Photos.

le jarden royal mansour

Le Jardin :

gourmet restaurant representing Marrakech

Live the imperial metropolis journey in sublime and at ease fashion at the Le Jardin bar restaurant of the Royal Mansour Marrakech. In this open-air restaurant, Yannick Alléno amazes friends as soon as once more with the generosity of his culinary masterpieces.

Le Jardin :

gourmet restaurant representing Marrakech

Intimate atmospheres, dimmed lights, cedar wood logs burning in the fireplace; the Royal Mansour bars incite relaxation and secret-sharing, and pay tribute to the virtuosity of Moroccan craftspeople.
royal mansour bars

Chapter 4:


The Best Thing about Luxurious Hotels.

They Have really Good Food!

This Chapter will be just too delicious for you not to skip!

Let’s Go Eat!

royal mansour style and character

The Mansour manages to pull off the feat of being concurrently giant and opulent, whilst additionally feeling intimate. Much of that is down to the fantastic craftsmanship displayed in the property. Over 1,500 of the country’s high-quality artisans labored tirelessly to produce the acres of subtle zellij (geometric mosaic), carved cedarwood, complex stuccowork, and overwhelmed and reduce bronze and silver furniture.

As if that wasn’t enough, rooms are layered in opulent marbles, thick silk carpets, embroidered damask curtains, engraved mirrors, crystal do-dads and chandeliers by means of Baccarat.

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The Mansour manages to pull off the feat of being concurrently giant and opulent, whilst additionally feeling The ensuing impact is wonderful and surprisingly cosy. Likewise, the King’s conceit of a mini-medina works a treat, barring in this medina as an alternative than braying donkeys and waspish scooters there may be the soothing sound of jogging water and track birds.

It’s a beautiful show off of proper Moorish luxury.

 Assistance for Royal Mansour in Marrakech




Hot Stone Treatments

Thai Massage

Spa and wellness centre

Steam and/or Sauna

Salon Service

Chapter 5:

Rooms Of Royal Mansour in Marrakech

Never slept on Aladin’s room?

Why not!

After reading this chapter you will know where to go to get that experience.

royal mansour room

City view


Room Types

Family rooms

Smoking rooms available

There are no suites or rooms at Royal Mansour. Upon their arrival, friends are escorted thru the Medina and gardens to their personal residence, a usual Moroccan Riad. This is the solely resort in the world presenting that special concept.

There are a complete of fifty three Riads of 1 to four rooms, all with non-public courtyards, fountains, and plunge pools, eating rooms and hammams in the large ones. Each Riad is uniquely adorned and lavishly appointed in honour of Moroccan authenticity. 

The one mild misstep is the vertical profile of the fifty three one, two and three-bedroom riads. Set throughout three flooring – with a sitting room, study, kitchenette and small courtyard on the floor floor, bedrooms on the first floor, and a roof terrace with plunge pool on the third-floor terrace – there are a lot of steps.
Royal Mansour in Marrakech
Some say, too many. That said, they are superbly adorned and furnished with each viable relief and amenity, which includes digitally managed lighting, air-conditioning and heating, a fabulously stocked minibar and no longer one, however two fireplaces, one in the sitting room and one on the roof terrace, which makes nighttime eating a delight.
Royal Mansour in Marrakech
Bathrooms are like little jewel packing containers and are gorgeously kitted out in creamy marble and engraved silver fittings, and come with each tub and shower.

Room features



Private balcony



Room service



Flatscreen TV

Here We Come to The Reviews : Check The Overall Ratings

royal mansour in marrakech bad review

One of The Baddest Reviews

One of The Best Reviews

Chapter 5:

It’s Your Turn

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