Marrakech Luxury Hotels

Marrakech Luxury Hotels : Expectations vs Reality

We all arguably like Marrakech luxury hotel.

But as a coming Guest, can you really guess the the real expectations?

On This Guide, you will have a REAL perspective from A Native Moroccan who visit a Decent Amounts of Marrakech Luxury Hotels.

Let’s see.

4 seasons Marrakech
location royal mansour in marrakesh

Chapter 1

Check in

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Chapter 2

Room Services

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Chapter 3


Chapter 1:

Check in with Marrakech Luxury Hotels

Your Expectations should be smooth and easy and for the most part automated.

Well, Not Always!

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Disclaimer : The reviews is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor members ( Online Booking Platform) and not of

N.B : The Marrakech Luxury Hotels mentioned on This Article are All aim to impress it’s guests with the best customer Experience, all we’ll be going to unravel is Some Guests Opinions

Marrakech Luxury Hotels: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations :

You neither favor to nor count on to stand in line all day, ready for some thing as easy as a check-in.

While you are constantly inclined to be greeted, guided, and helped to your room the true communication, the hand-off of keys, and directions need to all be computerized and personalized.

You paid your money to have a Luxurious Experience not to get stuck waiting for The Check in.

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Reality :

You probably have heard of this Horrible stories about being stood in 4 lines at 4 separate check-in points, and booking a room online and turns out you are not on the list!

You are maybe telling first yourself, nahh ,not that time i booked a Luxurious Marrakech Hotel.

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Not That Fast!

One of our respected clients had a Horrible Experience with 4 seasons Marrakech Hotel, well it’s true this property is well respected and one of the Best Hotels In Marrakech ,BUT.

Long Story Short :

He arrived around noon, he was told if will be ready for check in at 2:30pm after he asked a few times, as they send him to wait in the restaurant for long time without telling him when… then he asked them if he should come back to reception for check in or someone will come to us, replied just wait by the pool.

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Marrakech Luxury Hotels: Expectations vs. Reality

By 3:30, no one came to him and he went to reception again himself, finally got in. When he said he was told ready to check in at 2:30pm, they replied their check in time is 3pm.

he said it doesn’t matter to me 2:30pm or 3pm, my point is when you told me 2:30pm, someone will come to us, then someone should have come to us at least 3pm. But no one came to us one hour later. He was stuck there waiting

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Local Marrakech through the eyes of Mohamed

Marrakech Luxury Hotels: Expectations vs. Reality

He could have gone for swimming or do other things. The person says he will report it to the manager and come back to him, never happened. At check out He mentioned it, he didn’t bother, again to remind him their check in time is 3pm, totally ignored his point.

After check out, He realised He left his facial cream in the bathroom, as he has friends who are going to Marrakesh the following week, He asked if they have found, reply is no.

He is 100% sure that He left in the bathroom, as he used shortly before check out in the bathroom. Luckily only a facial cream !


Chapter 2:

Rooms Services

Expecttions : If you are Expecting a clean Big room , 4 TV’s and 6 Carpets.

It will be a Good Idea if you read this Chapter


Rooms Services

So now you are about to fall asleep and tomorrow you are visiting Marrakech with it’s Luxurious Hotels, and you are imagining A clean and very spacious rooms and you all Excited…
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Expectations :

Without a doubt, you are expecting a digitally-enhanced and augmented room experience.

From clever TVs that hook up without difficulty to their modern apps and devices, to smart-control temperatures, and automatic features like blinds or cooling/heating, you want to feel like Home,Since friends can name on digital assistants to assist you finagle these surroundings controls in your personal home.
Marrakech Luxury Hotels: Expectations vs. Reality

You assume lodges to capture up and re-create a comparable trip of consumer manipulate and personalised preference.

The rippled carpets, the peeling Wallpaper.. Who wants that? Nobody wants that.

Reality :

One of our Lovely clients applied for the La Mamounia Hotel Marrakech which we made a full review Guide about.

She Unfortunately had a Horrible experience which she generously wrote us a long story short review, as she stayed there for 2 nights, it was just horrifying and not relaxing at all and here is why:

She arrived to here room (escorted by her personal check in bell boy) and the room stank, the counter tops were sticky and after she opened the door to the mini bar she understood why. The fridge was overheating and a bottle of Coca Cola had exploded and clearly no one had been in the room for days.

After calling the manager the fridge got replaced but nothing was cleaned so we “slept” in a sticky smelly room for a night.

She asked for a quiet room when she booked the room but after a sleepless night she found out that she was placed right above the service area that operates 24/7! .

After complaining to the manager all she got was “sorry we’re booked” but she knew by looking online that they had rooms available (by the way her room was $750/night).

Overall, she didn’t feel welcome by the staff or the security guards (who are in every corner of the hotel asking us where she was going)

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Chapter 3:

Foodstuff of Marrakech Luxury Hotels

You can be The Most Luxurious Hotel in Marrakech, but if you have ‘ Bad Food’.

You have ‘ A ‘ Problem!

And We will not get silenced.

Let’s unravel them.

location royal mansour in marrakesh



One of our Lovely clients, her name is Caroline stayed in the Royal Mansour in
Marrakech  , she found the Food unfortunately to be’ Bad’ ,I Personally made A Whole Review About The Property. Check it here!

Not arguably ,but the Number 1 Hotel in Marrakech for it’s reputation and it’s elegancy , as we said Most of The People find Food there to be ‘Good’, but we see that’s not fair NOT to mention the other Opinions

Marrakech Luxury Hotels: Expectations vs. Reality
She Mentionned that the Food was heavily salted, expensive and sloooow, and also very pretentious Los Angeles “detox” stuff. We understand they wanted to have a very light menu for the spa but it is just inedible.
It was a lot of cucumber, a lot of quinoa, steamed bad fish with more cucumber… I mean The Guest are in Morocco! give them some Bastilla and Moroccan food NOT cucumbers and kales.

Talking about The Breaksfast  is of low quality and some foods were not so fresh and variety is limited.

On The Other hand, let us Show you The ‘Deal’, what actually you need to eat in Marrakech, that you can not find on any other place in the World.

royal mansour food
I hope The Propery is serving you the ‘Tanjiya’ rather than dry boring cocumbers and Kales!
Let me tell you something about it : YOU WILL LOVE IT!
It’s literrally the Most Famours plate in Marrakech and all we Moroccans Love it, some of The citizens just come to Marrakech to eat and the Go back to their own cities.
Sounds Fair Enough?
royal mansour reviews
If you’ve read one of my Article, then you know i am a Big fan of The ‘Bastila’, just the look at it, and it will give you the answer, by the way there is all of Bastila Types, some of them are prepared with fish and some with the meat , oh that’s mine 😀 


If you stayed on a Reputable Property in Marraekch, don’t settle for cold Boring dry ugly cucumber and Klas! Instead what you have to do. Is To EAT Bastila and Tanjiya.

Chapter 4:

Assistance of Marrakech Luxury Hotels

Oh, That’s a Big Thing.

Who will stay on a Hotel with Bad Assitance and Service?

I will guess nobody!

Let’s Expose Them.

royal mansour style and character

Assistance of Marrakech Luxury Hotels

Here We go, Service and Assistance should be one of The Main first Subjects you should adress beofre visiting a Propery.
As Always on this Article, we will look at some The Opinions of The Guests that ‘ struggle’ with having even a ‘Decent’ customer Experience.
A Luxurious Hotel in Marrakech under the Name of La Mamounia Marrakech Hotel which we did A Full REAL Review about it you can check it Here.
A Respected guest, decided to visit The Property of La Mamounia Hotel Marrakech, Unfortunately he did not receive The Best of A Customer Experience, which clarifies that Had to wait 45 minutes for lunch to arrive outside on the terrace.
No apologies or any consents from waitress. Completely unacceptable he finds it for a hotel claiming to be one of the best in the world, especially taking into consideration that a sandwich cost over 30 USD.
It even took 10 minutes to get wifi password. Staff seemed arrogant and not very attentive.
If we can describe the Property for El Fenn Boutique on one Simple Phrase what can we say? :
”The Property has different Courtyards and each one is dedicated to a different function.”
If you combined Mountain biking and yoga classes with the sunny Marrakech, i bet you wil have a Mindblowing Experience.
One of The respected Guests his name is MAJDRAIS from Miami Beach, Florida thinks that he experienced the worst customer service in this hotel.
He said the only people professional were the bell men.

Accounting was a mess, miscommunication between front desk and account payable But the trophy he thinks goes to the french spa manager who was the most disrespectful individual he ever met in the industry.
They went to visit the spa and the manager came up to us very rudely asking us to leave because the spa was full and they were not allowed to bother the clients.
Marrakech Luxury Hotels: Expectations vs. Reality

If They don’t have an appointment to please leave the premises ASAP. They ended up doing a spa at the Royal Mansour they found it to be exquisite!


Chapter 5:


I hope you found this Article to be Helpful

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

What do you think about Marrakech Luxury Hotels? What do you think the Best ‘ Pick’?

I am genuinely looking forward to your kind opinion.


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